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Sales, managing existing day-to-day workloads and executing on strategic initiatives is a requirement for a company's growth and success. 

But it requires relentless focus on your goals

And that focus involves the the detail of monitoring and tracking actions and timelines. A level of detail that can be difficult to drive. Just look at the results of this survey. And all of this is doubly true if you're trying to grow or are already in a growth mode.

              Growth is exciting but failure to execute isn’t

What if you had someone who would

  • Help you create a plan to execute
  • Monitor and maintain your progress and make adjustments to the plan as needed based on scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly calls
  • Meet quarterly to review and refine progress
  • Provide input to improve your time management and productivity outcomes

Now you have someone who will work with you to do just that

As a productivity strategist one of the things I do well is analyze, focus and continually help clients move forward. I selected the name of this program because catalyst is defined as ‘a person or thing that precipitates an event or change’. I want to be the catalyst and driver for you to make your goals a reality by putting them in a focused context. A context that brings value because you’ll rest comfortably knowing we’re watching all the balls and keeping them in the air. It’s a journey, not a sprint, of continuous dialogue, focus, adjustment...and growth. 

This program is well beyond the concept of an accountability partner or coach

It's about an ongoing dialogue and measurement of where you're focusing your time and actions, the results you're getting and the adjustments that may needed to reach your sales, strategic or operational goals.

Want to learn more? No obligation. No hard sell. Just a discussion.

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Cynthia Kyriazis
Productivity Strategist
Coach & Trainer

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"Action is the foundational key to success."

Tony Robbins

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