Why Me?

Fair question.

Just about any trainer can teach time management. And many coaches can talk about it...at least from a limited viewpoint.  

Tools, tips and techniques for improving personal performance and productivity can be found in any time management self-help book, website, blog or app. And that's very useful information.

What matters is quickly figuring out how to apply what's learned so a person can move towards making change. That's the bottom-line difference in your organization's productivity.

I have one advantage...I've 'been there done that'. 

I've worked in a 24/7 business environment of a corporation in both west and east coast operations with territories covering major cities. It required big time skills when it came to prioritizing, planning, focus, organization, discipline and communications.  

So I bring this first-hand knowledge and expertise to the table, developed over 35 years in business.  

The perspective that experience and expertise brings helps pinpoint strategies and more accurate solutions better than any other approach...for a faster return on your time and money investment.

If you want to help employees improve focus, performance and results without some of the stress they're experiencing, connect with me. No obligation. No sales pitch. Just a conversation.

And even if we never work together, I appreciate your time and especially your interest in learning more about me and the work I love.

What others have said...

"I have been able to convert the knowledge into a non-stressful physical office environment. I save about an hour a day of both my time and my assistant's time locating needed papers and files. I'm, not sure how to count how many years longer I plan on living!" 
Carol  Wahl, Vice President Patient Care Services, Good Samaritan Hospital

email or 913-649-0878


Cynthia Kyriazis
Productivity Strategist, 
Coach & Trainer

Most frequent question?

How do I pronounce your
last name?



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