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Small Business Owner

Why I was contacted: Owner recognized that a challenged economy was eating away at their sales. Their profits were being eaten up by system-wide waste, low productivity and turnover.

Situation: Owner and I discussed goals, identified priorities and then I began regular, monthly visits to work with staff on well-defined issues. 

1.  We began with key players and developing a strategic plan and goals that were

      identified and monitored on a regular basis. 2

2.  Software was used to develop a paper and electronic filing system that saved staff

     time, money and frustration. 

3.  Facilitation to discuss areas of concern and reach first level solutions. These

     solutions were taken to implementation by staff.Follow-up sessions further refined

     the processes.  

Action taken: The owner calculated savings based on the procedures implemented over a one year period.

What happened?  $750,000 savings was directly attributed to the engagement.


Staff of 50
Why I was contacted: The economy of the past few years required staffing cuts and stress for the remaining staff was running very high. Performance and productivity were hampered at a time when they could least afford it.
Situation:Although highly motivated, the staff was not really communicating and lack of communication directly affects productivity. 

1.  A productivity assessment was used to determine exactly what areas of productivity

     were challenged and a workshop was developed to address those issues. 

2.  A workshop for key senior members and a separate one for staff. 

3.  The engagement included follow-up meetings and phone calls to uncover roadblocks

      or questions and hear about their progress.

Action taken: Senior staff improved productivity and focus and spent more time on higher payoff items. Employees were each saving about 15 minutes a day in real time.

What happened?  An annualized aggregate savings of $36,000.

Government Agency

Staff of 500
Why I was contacted: Budget cuts in various departments were causing increased stress and much lower productivity levels, especially on major projects requiring deadlines.
Situation:Agency Director had conducted a staff survey and a request for organizing and time management training was on the top of the list.Action taken: 

1.  An online needs assessment was conducted 

2.  Subject matter was prioritized and content developed accordingly

3.  Four onsite workshops were held over a 2-day period

What happened? Anticipated annualized revenue savings of $50,000.

Fortune 500

Team of 12

Why I was contacted: Sales team performance and productivity were low.

Situation: Sales team in a fast-paced, demanding industry was experiencing high levels of stress and faltering productivity due to growing business demands resulting, in part, from financial and recessionary markets.

Action taken: 

1.  Online needs assessment was conducted to determine areas of interest and

     challenges relating to time management. 

2.  Workshop conducted 

3.  Each member provided with coaching and follow-up mentoring.

What happened?  Each member reported saving 30 minutes/day with an improved ability to focus on priorities. Sales increased 10%.

Home-based independent contractor

Why I was contacted: This solopreneur felt she was wearing too many hats and none of them well. She was stressed by running the business, trying to grow the business, maintaining a home, and trying to carve out time for herself and her family.

Situation: Mary was in second year of her business and had been successful but was wanting to grow it even more. The problem was her desk. She had never learned how to organize herself, her desk, her files or her office and things landed wherever they landed. She tried several different systems, read some self-help books, but nothing worked. Time and again she found herself with stacks, clutter, spending too much time and energy looking for things and experiencing an increasing stress level….as sales began sliding downward.

Action taken: We worked together to help Mary...

1.  Determine her goals and priorities
2.  Understand the stages of workflow
3.  Develop an effective way to manage incoming paper and information
4.  Arrange her desktop and office for efficiency. 
5.  Develop a workable, user-friend filing system--both paper and digital

What happened? Mary’s new system provided her with a..
  • Sustainable, working environment
  • Learning the key principles enabled her to continue maintaining her system long after I was gone.  
  • She was more focused, and able to cut her work week down to 40-50 hours, grow her sales by 10% and still having a life...without all the stress.

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