Onsite Workshops

Clear your desk. Clear your mind. Organize it.® 

My most popular offering covers:
  • Organizing principles
  • Stages of workflow 
  • The basis of all time management programs
  • Creating an office and desktop roadmap
  • The participant's style of organizing and why that's important
  • Creating a user-friendly filing system (paper & electronic)
  • The hidden cost of keeping unnecessary paper and information    
Organizations frequently consider a follow-up training with the Time for Change workshop (below).
Time for Change

Paper, time, space and digital file management are all interconnected. Improvement in one area will generally yield improved performance in another. This onsite workshop covers:
  • Goal setting
  • Prioritizing
  • Scheduling and planning
  • Communications
  • Setting boundaries
  • Procrastination
  • Delegating 
  • Work Life balance           

Add-on programs

Follow-up support to help sustain the learning investment. Programs may include:
  • Accountability groups for 60 days
  • Options for elearning as a review              
  • One-on-one or team/group coaching
  • Products
  • Train the Trainer             


Team Intensives

Team picks 2 time management areas they're struggling with and I facilitate a group session to:

  • Identify the issues
  • Develop potential solutions
  • Work out usable solutions
A follow-up session is held 30 days later to:
  • Review progress
  • Revise or tweak a plan that isn't working
  • Celebrate the successes
A follow-up call is held 30 days later to review progress.

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Why not customize based on your organization's needs. Customized programs can include a:       

- Pre-workshop needs survey to determine what areas of interest are most important to
- Workplace Productivity Skillmap™ assessment to determine current skill level at the 
  individuals as well as team or group level.Schedule now!
913.649.0878 or email me.

"The course was right on target for our employees...the ROI was solid..."

Ellen Spara, Organizational Analyst, Campbell Soup

Cynthia Kyriazis
Productivity Strategist 
Coach & Trainer

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Workshop Evaluations 

40 attendees at a recent onsite workshop marked the following items as either excellent or very good by the percentage shown:

Application of training to my job

Clarity of explanations

Involvement of learners

Trainer's communication skills

Trainer's knowledge of the material

Taught me something new I could apply


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