On-Site Events


On-site workshops

To help them learn, adult learners need some fun incorporated into a training session. I incorporate personal stories, case studies, assessments and specific, easy-to-learn techniques. I also provide a needs assessment, post assessments and support. Learn more.
OneFocus: The 1% Solution

A workshop that helps employees learn and practice over a 6 month period

It doesn't take tons of information to be more productive, but it does take discussion and practice. This training is 2 hours/month for 6 months, giving staff the ability to practice and learn over time. Learn more.

Video Conferencing

A cost and time effective option for organizations with nationwide offices

Here are the results of my last video conference training.

  Team Intensives

Your team identifies their challenges

Your team picks 2 time management topics they are struggling with and I facilitate a session that takes the group from identifying the problem, developing potential solutions, selecting a solution and testing it. Follow up session 30 days later is to to hear the results, revise as needed and celebrate the successes. 

Email me to learn more.


For larger groups and events

For your entire organization. Even for a client event.

Learn more.

"Our organization has used her services for both organization and time management. Personally, as an executive, it has made a significant difference."
Lisa Adkins, Executive Director



Cynthia Kyriazis
Productivity Strategist
Coach & Trainer

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