Becoming and remaining organized isn't as easy as it seems...but you already know that...

Papers and files are everywhere - 
all reminders of what you haven't done

It's frustrating

It's embarrassing

It's not productive

And it's not going to help you get where you want to go

It might be the time to consider an office makeover

  • Onsite - Sitting next to you, we do what we've gotta do! See some photos!

  • Remote - You learn everything you would if I were sitting next to you. Take digital pictures of your office, send them to me and we make three one-hour telephone appointments to help you get organized.

"I have been able to convert the knowledge into a non-stressful physical office environment. I save about an hour a day of both my time and my assistant's time locating needed papers and files. I'm, not sure how to count how many years longer I plan on living!" 

Carol  Wahl, Vice President, 
Patient Care Services
Good Samaritan Hospital


Cynthia Kyriazis
Productivity Strategist
Coach & Trainer

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In this session you... 

  • Identify your style of paper management & build a system around it

  • Learn the 5 steps of work flow & how to use them to your advantage

  • Learn to manage incoming paper, information & your desktop

  • Create the beginnings of a user-friendly filing system

  • Learn about some useful tools

  • Develop an action plan for maintaining your space

We can also work on organizing
your digital files.


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