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  • 02 Apr 2017 2:32 PM | Cynthia Kyriazis (Administrator)

    A PayScale survey found that a Sales Account Manager position was the second most stressful job on the survey. And of the people who responded, 73% rated it ‘highly stressful’.

    If you’re in sales, these statements don’t surprise you. Simply put, the current business climate demands you work smarter, not harder. And part of being smarter more

  • 01 Mar 2017 9:50 AM | Cynthia Kyriazis (Administrator)

    This month it's about more

  • 01 Feb 2017 11:21 AM | Cynthia Kyriazis (Administrator)

    Think Time...It's Now or Never 

    In an article published in the June, 2005 issue of Fast Co. magazine, Linda Tischler wrote an essay entitled Death to the cubicle!” She said, ‘Collaboration is great, but sometimes I’d kill for a door’.
    This is about things that interfere with privacy and focus—not just open office cubicles. It’s more
  • 01 Jan 2017 8:58 AM | Cynthia Kyriazis (Administrator)

    The second Monday of January is national “Clean Off Your Desk” day. Yes it is.
    Mark your calendar.
    Because if you’re serious about wanting want to begin the new year feeling good and stop feeling bad about your…stuff…then this is a day you can you can clear your desk and your mind.  But you already know it’s not about..
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  • 01 Dec 2016 2:31 PM | Cynthia Kyriazis (Administrator)

    In a January, 2015 interview in Success magazine, Tony Robbins said the #1 thing we all need is a …'compelling future, something to look forward to that excites you’.
    He went on to say we get stuck more

  • 01 Oct 2016 4:38 PM | Cynthia Kyriazis (Administrator)

    September/October is traditionally the time of year organizations conduct a strategic planning session. But from what I've experienced with clients, the term Strategic Planning isn't quite more

  • 01 Jul 2016 8:39 AM | Cynthia Kyriazis (Administrator)

    This year I’ve done a lot of work with teams. Big teams, small teams, project teams and executive teams. I’m happy to have this opportunity because teams sometime…well…get lost in their own flurry of activity. However, research proves that leaders and organizations who invest in their teams through training, coaching, off-site retreats more.

  • 01 Jun 2016 7:14 AM | Cynthia Kyriazis (Administrator)

    For the past few months I’ve been asked a lot about focus and work-life balance/fit. These two are connected at the hip and rarely do you get one without the other.

    Let's begin more.

  • 01 May 2016 9:37 PM | Cynthia Kyriazis (Administrator)

    This link is to a post entitled ‘You Need to Practice Being Your Future Self’ by Peter Bregman and I love it.
    If you know me, you know I frequently talk about doing something now in order to have more future time to do what you want or need to do. I realize that’s easier said than done for many, but stop and think of the payoff. Your...
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  • 01 Mar 2016 8:42 AM | Cynthia Kyriazis (Administrator)

    • It’s March and that means 2 things. My birthday is coming up and spring is right around the corner. This happens every year and I tend to jump the gun on the ‘spring’ thing. I more
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