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________________ easy-to-read, easy-to-implement guide to getting and staying on top of all the stuff that is thrown at us in this 24/7 work-world.

Going forward her book will become a permanent part of our HR development process.

The information is presented in a way that makes immediate implementation easy.

I have my short list of what I will be doing differently so there is more time for what I want to do and less time procrastinating about what I need to do.  Thank you for your passion and for sharing a roadmap to greater productivity.


I'd love to share some of my teachings and stories from the book with you and your employees. 

Bulk purchases available which can include a presentation. Contact me for more information.

Cynthia Kyriazis
national productivity coach,
strategist and trainer

Helping employees improve productivity and peace of mind at Fortune 500, corporate, and small business clients since 1992.

Named one of the
"28 best online productivity experts" by best-selling author, columnist and entrepreneur, Hank Reardon, in
"Time Management 2.0".

Featured on,
, Kansas City Star Philadelphia Inquirer with guest appearances on various television and radio shows.


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